Plans resumed: Wants to build homes in the Panel car park
Plans resumed: Wants to build homes in the Panel car park

Aulis Nanna AB buys the properties Balder 5 and 6 in the lower part of the city from Boden municipality to build apartment buildings. That proposal now goes on to a decision by the municipal board.

The properties are located on Kungsgatan 5 in Boden, next to the Panelen restaurant, and are currently undeveloped. Aulis bought the properties in 2018, but the purchase expired when no construction was started. Now that Boden is expected to grow strongly and is facing an increased housing need, the situation is different. Therefore, it is proposed that the municipality of Boden resell the affected plots. The matter is decided by the municipal board on 14 February.

Aulis has recently submitted an application for a building permit and plans to build permanent housing in accordance with the detailed plan that applies to the area. According to an earlier drawing, the buildings will connect to the property at Kungsgatan 3. The purchase price amounts to SEK 2,187,000.

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