Here is the duo that brings the world to...
How Boden and Luleå will grow through cooperation
Building boom at Boden Business Park
Development plans appealed to the Land and Environmental Court
Here is the duo that brings the world to...
How Boden and Luleå will grow through cooperation

The green revolution

Together with our neighboring municipalities, we want to be involved and lead the development in terms of sustainable entrepreneurial thinking, smart tech, optimal use of resources and circular economy.


New jobs

Are expected to be filled



Is the time it takes from the newly built house on Solskensvägen to the new Lunda preschool


New houses

Will be built


billion SEK

Invested in the green revolution in the north



Boden is located in the heart of an extremely establishment-intensive region and is an important part of the green global transformation of society. Here, H2GS is investing in an integrated production plant making green steel, and the world’s probably largest production unit of hydrogen gas is being built next door. Here, a growing society is created, equipped for the challenges of the future, with smart and sustainable solutions for collaboration, housing, transport, everyday life and an investment in modern entrepreneurship. Boden is the place for you who want to contribute to investments around the biggest challenges of our time and who want to hand over something for future generations to further develop. Here we think smart when we now get the chance to build something new, sustainable and a little unique.

1 :a
Place among Norrbotten's municipalities in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's ranking
Days on average to get a building permit tried in Boden
Terawatt hours of locally produced green electricity from Boden's power station
590 Billion SKR
Invested in the region to carry out the industrial change

Bodenxt Talks

In the web TV broadcast Bodenxt Talks, we discuss current issues with invited guests and immerse ourselves in the green projects.
Here we dig deeper in the green revolution in Boden. What are the possibilities with hydrogen? Can we become self-sufficient in vegetables in northern Sweden? What place does AI have in changing a society?


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