Here is the new detailed development plan for Sävast square
Here is the new detailed development plan for Sävast square

The Environment and Building Committee approved the Public housing Administration’s proposal for a new detailed plan for Sävast Torg. The decision enables the construction of multi-family houses on ten, five and two floors in the potato district.

The detailed plan has been produced by the public housing administration on behalf of the municipal executive committee with the aim of enabling new housing and fulfilling Boden’s goal of growing to 33,000 inhabitants by 2030.

The plan proposal also enables the grocery trade to be developed and at the same time creates opportunities for more activities at the square. According to the plan description, the square will be developed to create more meeting places for nearby residents and visitors in Sävast.

The land area referred to is BodenBo’s block with multi-family houses on Potatisvägen and part of Mandelvägen in Sävast. In the part of the area that is closer to Ica Nära Sävast, the detailed development plan enabling four point houses on five floors, as well as business premises for business and meeting places.

New landmark

In the western part of the area, around Potatisvägen 4, high-rise buildings with ten floors and a ridge height of 32 meters are possible. According to the proposal, three point houses can be built and a common courtyard space can be created in front of the houses.

On the land where two-storey multi-family houses have previously been demolished, in the middle of the area, two-storey buildings are permitted. Forest areas and green areas behind Potatisvägen 4 and between the convenience store and Mandelvägen 17 are preserved.

The square is framed by the grocery store together with the two new building rights for apartment buildings that also allow downtown activities.

The plan description summarizes the possible consequences of a new detailed plan. In addition to the proposal enabling the development of housing construction and courtyards, city center operations, expanded grocery trade and a new square area, the public housing administration highlights the following:

  • The landscape will partly change if ten-storey buildings are erected. The ridge height of 32 meters is higher than house heights in the immediate area and will therefore be a landmark for Sävast, but also for Boden.
  • The building rights for new housing, development of trade and changes in the square environment can give rise to a certain increase in traffic. Partly on Svängleden and partly on Sävastvägen. On the other hand, the increase is judged to be marginal in relation to the extensive traffic that already burdens these parts of the traffic network.
  • Given the lack of traffic safety in the western parts of the area, changes will be implemented to increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists and road users. The new entrance and exit from the area will instead be just west of the current one.
  • The plan’s impact on natural values is judged to be small as no high natural values have been registered at the site. Most of the planning area has already been exploited and therefore it is not considered to have any major impact on the environment, cultural heritage or human health.

Five years of implementation

On 14 June, Environment and the building committee adopted the proposal for a new detailed plan for Sävast Torg without any objections. The decision must now be registered.

Once this is done, it takes three weeks before the decision becomes final. It is during that period that the decision can be appealed.

After the detailed plan has gained legal force, the implementation period is five years. Changes to the detailed plan may be made during the implementation period to carry out property subdivision regulations. The implementation time is an estimate of how long it will take to implement the measures in the detailed plan.



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