Here is the job of the future in the Boden-Luleå region
Here is the job of the future in the Boden-Luleå region

An enormous need for recruitment and great challenges.
This is shown by the survey of the need for competence that Luleå University of Technology has carried out. We have listed the professions that are specifically pointed out.

Luleå University of Technology has, on behalf of the municipality of Boden and the municipality of Luleå, carried out an inventory of the need for competence in the region. The assignment is a feasibility study and part of a larger project focusing on the supply of skills in the labor market region Boden-Luleå.
The starting point was to find out how the need will be changed by the new establishments in the county, such as H2 Green Steel at Boden Industrial Park. But also with regard to the expected retirements.

The conclusion is that during the period 2022-2030, approximately 9,000 people will retire, at the same time as the labor market sees an increased need in most industries.
The industry currently finds it difficult to put a figure on how many will be needed, but demands professional competence in the following areas:
Carpenters, electricians, industrial technicians, welders, sheet metal workers, ground workers, concrete workers, masons, tilers, mechanics, plumbers, operators.

Need for gender equality work

A major challenge highlighted in the report is health and care, where the need for recruitment is described as enormous. Especially among assistant nurses, nurses, midwives and social workers.
It is also the category that is estimated to have the largest number of retirements in the next eight years. In addition, it is professions that today are predominantly held by women.

Attracting more women in the military, industry and transport is considered necessary to manage the supply of skills and to be an attractive employer that attracts qualified personnel.
The study shows that the labor market region Boden-Luleå is gender segregated. One explanation for this is that investments over the years have mainly taken place in traditionally male-dominated industries such as the mining, steel and construction industries. The interviewees express that “hard values” also dominate the leisure offer. Examples that stand out are hockey, dark and cold winters, hunting culture, and snowmobiling.

According to political decisions, the defense will grow by about 40 percent as a whole. It is unclear what this will mean for the Boden-Luleå region, but the expectation is a substantial increase in the number of employees.

The transport sector is estimated to need 50,000 new drivers over the next ten years, at a national level. In Norrbotten, all 48 companies state that they will hire new employees, a figure that is mentioned is about 265 people per year in Norrbotten. Among vehicle mechanics , there is no corresponding figure, but there is a “crying need” according to the industry.

Teaching in English

In education, the need for recruitment is great in all areas. From preschool to polytechnic. The areas that are particularly pointed out are preschool teachers, teachers in after-school centers, teachers in nature-oriented subjects, mathematics, technology and special educators / special teachers.
In addition, vocational teachers and teachers of Swedish as a second language are highlighted.

Among the proposals for solutions that are presented are, among other things, increased cooperation within the region, across the industries and, above all, with relevant training providers. There is also a need for an increased focus on practical education, already at upper secondary school level – especially aimed at industry. And in order to be an attractive region for workers from countries other than Sweden, an increased opportunity is proposed to take part in teaching in English.


7 June 2022
In the sub-project skills supply first phase, a holistic approach is taken to the common labor market in Boden, Luleå[...]


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