Bodenxt Talks # 7: Tourism in the green transition
Bodenxt Talks # 7: Tourism in the green transition

How does the hospitality industry view the green social change that is taking place in Boden and what can the rest of society learn from the hospitality industry’s journey? These are some of the issues discussed in Bodenxt Talks. Of course there will be some toilet talk as well.

In Boden, we see the hospitality industry as a basic industry and working sustainably has long been important for our entrepreneurs. In step with the green transition, the work of making our tourism as green as possible becomes increasingly intensive and important.

With us to talk about sustainability and the hospitality industry, we have Britta Jonsson-Lindvall from Treehotel and Jonas Gejke who, among other things, run Aurora Safari Camp in Råne älvdal.

– Working with sustainability is a process that you will never finish. A lot is about cooperation within the local community, it is an important way forward, says Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and describes how they have worked with the issue in the Edefors area.

Jonas Gejke also runs a tourist facility in Kenya compares the view of sustainability there and here in Sweden.

– There are protected areas and once it is a national park, it will not be chewed and disappear as it can be here. In a way, it is more positive there than it is here, he says.

In the section, they also talk about the importance of preserving natural values, how the dialogue is with the forest companies and what society can learn from the hospitality industry’s experiences.

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The host is Josefin Wiklund.



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