This will be the new campus area at Boden Gamecamp
This will be the new campus area at Boden Gamecamp

A more vibrant student area where the creative industries and students can meet at any time of the day. This is the vision behind the acquisitions of the plots and properties at Boden Business Park.

Together with Peter Zetterberg, Thomas Lindgren is the founder of the game and audio company Wanderword, which has parts of its operations at Boden Business Park in Sävast. There he has also been an active player in the development of game training at Boden Gamecamp.

For some time now, he, together with some local partners, has been reviewing the possibility of developing the living environment for the students. At the same time, there is a great need for more student housing as both upper secondary and post-secondary education in the creative industries is growing rapidly.

To make this possible, Boden Intressenter Fastighets AB has bought two plots of land from Boden municipality and modules from Boden Business Park. The modules currently function as housing for the students and they will remain until the autumn, at the same time as the company is looking at a more long-term and sustainable solution for student housing.

Villa becomes union building

One of the plots is located right next to the Fabriken building, where the game educations and the creative industries are housed. There will be 28 new student housing in modular format. The reason for this is above all the time pressure.

– We need these homes already in the autumn, so modules will be the only alternative in this situation, says Thomas Lindgren, Chairman of the Board of Boden Intressenter Fastighets AB.

Floor plan for the new student area at Boden Business Park. Illustration of a and d.

On that plot there is also a villa that the company has bought and it will be central in the development of the student area. The villa will include a laundry room, a meeting room and a small grocery store.

The meeting room will be simply furnished with recycled furniture and equipment. The idea is that it should be available to everyone who studies and works at Boden Business Park.

– Today, there are no natural meeting places in the area after school. Our hope is that we can create even more community and creativity by building a union building where it becomes natural to hang out, even during evenings and weekends.

Thomas Lindgren, Chairman of the Board of Boden Intressenter Fastighets AB

Smart grocery store

The solution for the grocery store is not yet in port. But here the eyes are focused on the arrangement in Moskosel. There, the customer can identify themselves via Bank ID to enter the store, scan in the necessities they want to buy, pay by card or phone and then leave the store. A camera is also set up to document the events inside the room.

– It should be simple and accessible. Exactly what goods will be available, we will see when everything is ready. The idea is that it will be possible to buy basic goods and there will be no alcohol or tobacco products for sale. We also want it to be a store that is open to everyone in the immediate area, not just those who live in the park, says Thomas Lindgren.

On the plots there will also be a patio, car parks and a green area.

During week 22, the ground work that will be required to improve the student area and make the homes ready for occupancy before school starts begins. In parallel, the villa will be prepared and decorated.

When all the students are in place, the work of developing the campus area then continues.




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