Local business is merging – solves the defense’s housing challenge
Local business is merging – solves the defense’s housing challenge

The Armed Forces has a need for student housing in Boden at short notice.
Thanks to the rapid efforts of actors from the local business community, it looks like 60 homes will be ready in September.

The municipality of Boden has decided to lease 7,340 square meters of land to the Football Field in Boden Fastighets AB. On the land located in the Ing 3 area, 60 student housing units, storage, parking spaces, common areas and a green area will be built.

The homes will be in modular format. Two buildings will be on two floors and will accommodate 20 apartments. The other 40 will be so-called Attefallshus with a living area of 24 square meters.

When the construction is completed, these will be leased to the Swedish Fortifications Agency, which owns and manages Sweden’s defense properties.

Demand for the premises has arisen at short notice and the first 25 tenants will arrive as early as 15 August.

Sketch of what the construction can look like when all the buildings are in place. Illustration of a and d.

Since the company Boden Intressenter Fastighets AB, which owns the football pitch in Boden Fastighets AB, is already facing a similar challenge in Sävast, where they are developing the student area at Boden Business Park, the Swedish Fortifications Agency and Boden municipality have tried to find a solution with a similar structure on Ing 3 area. With the support of actors from the local business community, it now looks like it is possible to cope with the tight schedule.

– Most of all, we would have liked to build more sustainable housing instead of modules, but given the time, it is not possible. I am just happy that we can take on the task and help the municipality of Boden, says Thomas Lindgren, Chairman of the Board of Boden Intressenter Fastighets AB.

Thomas Lindgren, Chairman of the Board of Boden Intressenter Fastighets AB.

The Attefallshusen will be produced by Novahus and the ground work will be carried out by Nordmark AB. Large parts of the installation work will also be carried out by local companies.

Thomas Lindgren also has strong ties to Boden and has been involved in and implemented many local initiatives. But then in another industry. Game development.

He is one of the founders of the game and audio company Wanderword, which has parts of its operations at Boden Business Park in Sävast. In addition, he is together with partners from Boden, active in the development of the creative educations at Boden Gamecamp.

It is also one of the main reasons why this construction is possible to carry out.

– We are not really any property developers. But now it happened that both projects came at the same time and can be carried out by the same company with a little flexible planning. I think it shows a lot of the strength of the local business community in Boden, says Thomas Lindgren.

New surface for spontaneous sports

The area being built is currently a football pitch in grass. The municipality of Boden is now looking at alternatives in the immediate area to build a new meeting place intended for spontaneous sports, but with the opportunity to practice more sports than football.

When there is a ready place and schedule, we will tell you more about these plans.



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