New investment in more efficient waste management
New investment in more efficient waste management

The new pre-treatment at Brännkläppen’s waste facility in Boden doubles the capacity to receive food waste from the entire county. The management is gathered in one place and also makes the work more efficient.

During the autumn, a new pre-treatment for source-sorted food waste was installed at Brännkläppen in Boden. The investment of 14 million is a strategic investment to increase capacity, efficiency and revenue by taking care of pre-treatment of materials from virtually all of Norrbotten’s municipalities. The facility is supplemented with the previous one that already exists, but is moved to the same place as the new one.

An existing premises at Brännkläppen has been renovated and adapted so that the cars with the sorted waste can drive all the way in and dump it. In winter, there are also compartments to be able to store crushed material inside so that it does not freeze.

The large shiny pre-treatment station that has been tuned in during the autumn creates a so-called slurry of food waste, a porridge. It is picked up at the biogas plant, hygienically treated and heat-treated and passed on to a digestion chamber. Finally, the volume is broken down into methane, which becomes biogas in our cars.

In the pre-treatment, metal, fabric and more are sorted out. What is cleaned away goes back to the heating plant and becomes heat. Metal ends up in metal recycling. It is extra important that we who sort our waste help in the best possible way.

– In fact, Boden’s municipal residents are good there. We do random checks and see that it is usually well sorted here compared to other municipalities, says Urban Jansson, development engineer.

He works with biogas development in both Boden and Luleå municipality. He has followed the biogas development in Boden, which early on invested in digestion of sewage sludge and food waste. He sees a continued demand for biogas, especially in heavy transport, and great development potential in Boden.



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