Local power with a global perspective
Local power with a global perspective

An important key player in the rapid climate change in the EU, Sweden and Boden is Boden’s Energy. Their capacity, willingness and quick response to development is a prerequisite for Boden to develop into a sustainable city that attracts new establishments to the municipality.

Historically large investments, phasing out of fossil oil, expanded charging infrastructure, solar panels for customers and expanded electricity and fiber networks throughout the municipality are some examples of investments where Bodens Energi contributes to development both locally and nationally. This municipally owned company is an obvious party in the work of attracting new establishments to Boden and the county.

– The basic industry and the transport sector are in a rapid process of change with a growing need for renewable energy. Everything is driven by climate change and the threat of an increasingly rapid warming of our globe. There is no plan B. For us as an energy company, this means that we are constantly changing to be able to face the future, says Hans Stålnacke, CEO of Boden’s Energy.

As an actor with a large climate footprint, he also believes that it is of the utmost importance to show in both words and deeds that they as energy companies take responsibility and make the right investments for social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Increased awareness

He describes a society where awareness and demands for sustainability have increased markedly. During his years in the industry, he has been able to follow a dramatic development.

– Ten years ago, there was also talk about the climate. The 1.5-degree target was as well known then as it is now. The difference today is that the political will exists in a completely different way. The technology to become fossil-free is now commercially available. And public opinion is stronger today. The climate and energy issue is top three among all political parties today, states Hans Stålnacke.

Many companies have realized what is required.

– Becoming fossil-free is no longer a slogan but a survival strategy. Those who have not understood this will not be able to compete in the future. The companies are clear that they want to work with partners who put sustainability first and who show in action that they take their own responsibility to contribute to halting climate change, says Stålnacke.

In addition, there are now very capital-rich investors and pension funds that pump money into green funds and into industrial companies that invest in fossil-free production.

The acceleration

It is no coincidence that the industry that wants to switch to renewable production is showing interest in Boden. In terms of energy system, Boden is a hub for the entire Luleälv’s renewable electricity production. There is also a local and progressive energy company as well as politicians and officials with both the will and the capacity to support new industrial establishments in many different ways.

– I am completely convinced that we will be able to cope with the change, but it will require hard work, risk-taking capital and broad collaboration. We cooperate well here and we clear obstacles together in an interaction both locally and regionally, says Stålnacke, who now hopes that the necessary investment support from both national and EU level will also be added.



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