New episode of Bodenxt Talks out now
New episode of Bodenxt Talks out now

In this week’s episode of Bodenxt Talks, we talk about how digitization, AI and machine learning will be a central part of H2 Green Steel’s operations in Boden. We also draw connections to our gaming industry at Boden Gamecamp and see what parallels there are between the steel workers of the future and the game developers of the future. The program is hosted by Olof Hernell, digital manager at H2 Green Steel and Emil Sandberg, business developer at Boden Gamecamp.

Bodenxt Talks is the program where we go into depth in the social transformation in Boden. We started the first episode last fall and are now back after an omikron break, and we have plans for many more episodes in the spring and the rest of the year.


7 June 2022
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22 June 2022
Bodenxt Talks # 6 is about H2 Green Steel's establishment in Boden. What's going on right now, keeping to the[...]


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