International company buys the naming rights to the arena
International company buys the naming rights to the arena

New name for the ice rink in the Björknäs area. This will lead to better conditions for children and young people playing sports in the community.

The new name will be Hive Arena Boden after Boden Hockey and Hive Blockchain Technologies have agreed on a ten-year sponsorship commitment.

The company is established in Boden since 2018 and uses renewable energy from the Lule River to mine bitcoin. An business that has proved successful and has led to expansions within the community

– Personally, I believe in giving back to those who have helped you achieve success. And it’s also in line with the belief of the company. The municipality of Boden gave us the opportunity to convert a derelict hangar here, something that was practically nothing more than an empty space, and turned it into a data center which has helped us to create a sustainable business model,” says Frank Holmes, Executive chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies.

An exuberant Frank Holmes executive chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies visited Boden together with a large delegation from the company and took the opportunity to sign the sponsorship agreement 8220Giving back to the local community is in line with the company8217s values8221 he says

There is a natural explanation for the choice of the local ice hockey club. The company is Canadian and the national sport there is hockey. Even one of their bill is adorned with young people playing hockey.

– Hockey is the great bridge that unites these two great nations. For us, helping the city’s teams succeed, is a no-brainer,” says Frank Holmes.

According to Boden Hockey’s marketing manager, Joakim Svensson, it was not a long persuasion campaign.

– They were basically the ones who approached us and wanted to sponsor. Maybe we were lucky that the owner is a big hockey fan, he says and laughs.

– Then we’ve bounced back and forth and landed on an agreement that both parties are very happy with.

Joakim Svensson, Marketing Manager at Boden Hockey, says that the money will make a big difference for the entire association, from children and youth activities to elite initiatives.

The municipality has already taken a policy decision in 2004 that associations operating in a municipal facility can receive support and compensation in connection with a renaming of the facility, provided that the conditions for the support are approved by the municipality and the parties concerned.

The municipality of Boden and Boden Hockey have therefore signed a cooperation agreement that sets out the conditions and counter-performance expected of the sponsor and the association. Here are some of them.

  • 15% of the revenue from the name change will be paid to the municipality of Boden each year for the duration of the agreement. The compensation is paid in December. The municipality will use the money to cover operating costs and costs that may arise in connection with investments in facilities for the organizations that use the stadium.
  • At least 30 percent of the revenue must go to children and youth activities within Boden Hockey. At the request of the municipality, the association must also be able to explain how this is done within 14 days.
  • The name of the stadium must include the name Boden. The full name of the stadium must always be used in marketing, description and information regarding the stadium and related events.
  • Boden Hockey will provide activities for children, young people and adults in the municipality of Boden throughout the term of the agreement. The activities must be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the values of the sports movement, the values of the municipality of Boden and the policies for such activities in force at the time.
  • If the municipality decides to demolish the ice rink in order to build a new one, the municipality has the right to terminate the agreement with Boden Hockey without paying any compensation to the association. In such an event, six months’ notice will be given.
Björknäshallen becomes Hive Arena Boden

Significant sum

For Boden Hockey, this means better financial conditions. The amounts involved are not official as it is an agreement between the association and the company. But Joakim Svensson points out that it is a significant sum.

– We will be able to hire people to run processes, we can support the children and youth activities where we currently rely heavily on parents and there will also be money to spice up our A-team and aim higher in the league system, he says.

The contract is written for ten years (five plus five). The length is a signal that Hive sees the investment as a long-term commitment and both already express an intention to make the cooperation longer than that. For Boden Hockey, this means security and makes it possible to tighten the bow even further.

– They already have many ideas on how we can develop the facility and benefit from each other. It will be great to work with Hive and see how far we can go together. We have high goals and big dreams,” says Joakim Svensson.

Frank Holmes also likes the fact that the municipality partially regulates how the money is used.

– I hope we can be a catalyst for more investors. Both in Boden Hockey and other associations in Boden. We who have money should use it to create opportunities. If we can help Boden Hockey to be more successful and create better conditions for the children, it also means that they will have a greater opportunity to achieve their dreams of SHL, SDHL, NHL and where ever they are heading. Because the future is the children’s,” says Frank Holmes.



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