Eight construction projects planned for Sveafältet/Lundagård
Eight construction projects planned for Sveafältet/Lundagård

Around 650 new apartments, a spontaneous sports facility, a new park and a commuter train station are planned for the Sveafältet/Lundagård district. Here we list the projects that are underway in the area.

The municipality of Boden wants to develop our neighborhoods in line with the needs of the future, so that those who already live here feel comfortable and well. We also want others to want to move and settle in Boden.

We want attractive areas with many choices for different activities and social gatherings. Another important aspect is that Boden should be safe and inviting. It is an important component of the work to equip Boden and its people for the feature.

For part of that work, the municipality has been granted funding from the Delegation against Segregation (DELMOS), which means that we have now, together with Bodenbo, begun joint work to develop the Sveafältet / Lundagård district. We tell you more about that work in another article See link, but below we have gathered a summary of the projects planned and underway in the district.


The development plan is being drawn up to allow housing with both multi-family and semi-detached houses. This means about 250-300 apartments in buildings of up to eight floors.

Illustration by Nordmark&Nordmark Architects

Bumblebee one

MBT north plans to build three apartment buildings, housing a total of 38 rental apartments. The first building with 14 apartments is completed and occupied. The second building, with ten apartments, is expected to be ready for occupation in April 2023.

Bumblebee three

Lilium Properties has purchased the property Bumblebee three. The company plans to build 57 apartments in several three- and four-store buildings. Construction will begin in autumn 2022. The first tenant is expected to move in during the autumn of 2023


Bodenbo plans to build two apartment buildings. Each building is planned to be 7 stores high, which means about 100 new apartments.

Photo: municipality of Boden

North of Björkdungen preschool

An adapted surface for spontaneous sports where practitioners can use both hands and feet.
Here is the new meeting place that replaces the football pitch on the Ing3 site. There will be one natural grass football pitch, sized for seven-a-side, and two standard-sized badminton courts. The tennis court will not be affected by the construction and will be playable before then.

Sketch: municipality of Boden

South of Björkdungens preschool

The site will include 60 student apartments, storage rooms, parking spaces, common areas and a green area. The housing will be rented out to the Fortification Agency and students in the Armed Forces. Move-in in September 2022.

Sketch by A and d architectural office

The Bluebell

The municipality has been granted SEK 1.5 million from Boverket for the development of a meeting place. Several measures/actions will be implemented:

  • An area to create cultivation plots.
  • A quiet area with a long green pergola lined with perennials surrounded by ornamental shrubs. Inside the pergola there will also be benches.
  • Orchard with berry bushes and fruit trees framing a meeting place with barbecue area.
  • Area of artificial grass for spontaneous sports.
  • Stairs are built on an existing hill where a seating area creates a viewpoint. The slopes of the hill will be flattened and planted with perennials.
  • Construction of a new playground.
  • Benches and benches are placed in strategic locations and some trees and shrubs are planted. Walkways are made with compacted material so that people with physical disabilities can move around the area.
Sketch of the municipality of Boden


Planning is underway to allow for the densification of apartment buildings, which would mean about 100 apartments. In addition, a suitable location for a fuel plant is being considered. The plan will also allow for a commuter train station.

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