Buys land and housing to develop the student area
Buys land and housing to develop the student area

Two companies with close links to the gaming industry and Boden Gamecamp want to build more student housing at Boden Business Park and have therefore bought plots and properties in the area.

The Boden Gamecamp game education currently houses about 200 students and continues to grow, which also means that the need for housing for students is increasing. It is for this reason that two companies, Studiero i Sävast AB and Devalveraellerbäggedera AB, have negotiated to be allowed to buy two plots and the associated properties at Boden Business Park in Sävast.

After the municipal board said yes, it is now clear that Devalveraellerbäggedera AB will buy the property Sävast 23:99 for SEK 892,000 from the municipality of Boden. There are also buildings in the area owned by Boden Science Park AB. These are so-called modules that are currently used as student housing. The modules are purchased separately and the price for the buildings is SEK 7,725,575.

Studiero i Sävast AB acquires a nearby plot and property, Sävast 23: 289 from the municipality of Boden and the sum will be SEK 3.4 million.

Even though they are two different companies, they belong to the same group of companies that are already behind several successful investments in game development in Boden. It is also for this very reason that they want to buy the land and the modules.

The goal is to build an additional 28 student housing units that will be ready for occupancy as early as the autumn. But in the long run, there are also visions of further developing the accommodation and study environment to give students the best possible conditions during their time at Boden Gamecamp.

– I see this as enormously positive for us. Entrepreneurial housing is of course important, but we must not forget that we have a large number of young people who come here with completely different conditions and will also live here. That is why I am happy when serious players come with requests to invest in the future. It gives us the opportunity to continue to develop, says Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden Business Park.

At present, there are just over 100 homes that are contracted for students at Boden Gamecamp – both in direct connection to the student area and outside. Thomas Fägerman believes that the sale will lead to the campus area being developed and becoming even more attractive.

The municipal board also said yes to the sale of two plots in central Boden. These are acquired by Lilium Fastigheter AB. A company with main owners who live and work in Norrbotten.

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