Bodenxt Talks – Thousands of new homes
Bodenxt Talks – Thousands of new homes

5 000 new residents within the course of 8 years. This is the municipality of Boden’s new goal and the establishment of H2 Green Steel makes the conditions good. But a key issue is housing supply – where should all new residents of Boden live? We talk about this in the latest episode of Bodenxt Talks.

Guests in today’s program are Lars Andersson, planning and development manager at Boden municipality and Malin Brunström, planning architect at Boden municipality.

According to the latest population forecast, 2,500 people may move to Boden within two to three years. But a prerequisite for moving in is that there is housing available for all new residents of Boden.

– We plan to be able to handle the needs that will now in the coming years be linked to the establishment of the factory. We believe that we will need to create approximately 3,000 building rights, which can be single-family homes or apartments by the year 2030. The need will be greatest when you start working at the factory, which will be approximately 2024-2025, and in that situation we estimate that we need to have just under 1,500 homes. Two or three years, it’s soon, as it may take a year to build an apartment building, says Lars Andersson.

He is convinced that it will be possible to get the amount of housing, as there are detailed plans for 1100 homes already today.

– We have significantly more than 20 ongoing detailed plans, primarily linked to meeting the housing need in the future, we have ongoing plans for various business areas.

He mentions, among other things, the plan proposal for Boden Business Park, a project for contractor housing that will be needed during the construction period of the steelworks and a number of other construction projects that are underway.

– Then we have housing development underway on Sävastön, in the city, in Trångfors and in Unbyn. So it is not only central but a bit outside as well, says Malin Brunström.

Never before have they noticed such demand as there is today.

– I get calls almost every day from stakeholders who want to build homes. It’s a new world for us right now. Things will happen this year, but above all it will start next year, that’s when a lot will happen, says Lars Andersson.


22 June 2022
Bodenxt Talks # 6 is about H2 Green Steel's establishment in Boden. What's going on right now, keeping to the[...]


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