Boden Gamecamp’s concept praised: “Very smart”
Boden Gamecamp’s concept praised: “Very smart”

The gaming industry in Sweden is growing enormously and the biggest bottleneck when it will continue to grow is competence. This is what Per Strömbäck, spokesperson for the industry organization Datapselsbranschen, says.

Therefore, Boden Gamecamp’s concept of training at different levels is exactly what the gaming industry needs.

– To go first with competence is very smart because it can then take many different paths. You can start new companies from there, companies can establish themselves and hire, there can be investments from outside and it can come from within, he says.

Per Strömbäck also pays tribute to Valkyrie Jam, a recurring gaming camp where professional women from some of the world’s largest gaming companies gather to create games in Peetgården in Sävast.

– Valkyrie Jam has inspired other places around the globe. I have not heard of anyone doing anything like that, it’s cool.

See the interview with Per Strömbäck below.



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