Bicycle lanes are reviewed
Bicycle lanes are reviewed

From Medborgarplatsen, six different bike lanes radiate out from the city center to the residential areas. During the autumn, all bike lanes have been inventoried to increase accessibility and safety.

If a municipality is to encourage taking the bike when possible, there must be good conditions for it. Therefore, the municipality has during the autumn made an extensive inventory of bicycle lanes. They have been added to the residential areas Bodsvedjan, Heden, Svartbjörnsbyn, Södra Svartbyn, Erikslund / Fagernäs and Sävast. From them it should be possible to take the bike to and from central Boden, all year round. The bike lanes are examined from the bike and notable points are marked for action.

– We look at, among other things, whether the signage is deficient, the condition such as frostbite, cracks and passages and more, explains Kerstin Chley, transport consultant in the municipality.

In step with the increased influx of labor with families, higher expectations are set for bike lanes and, for example, bicycle parking. Today, there are many of our workplaces with more than 20 employees within 300 meters to a bike lanes. We will also have an equal snow removal where pedestrian and bike lanes and bus lanes are plowed first, then the main roads and finally residential areas.

In order to map the frequency and development of pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the city center, a manual measurement of pedestrian and bicycle traffic was carried out this year from 7:00 to 8:00 Monday – Friday during week 37. The survey was carried out at five entrances to the city center: on Kungsgatan west of Kungsbron, Kyrkgatan south of the exit from the parking area block Aspen, Drottninggatan west of Margaretagatan, the intersection Lundagårdsgatan-Ringvägen and Brogatan west of Lundagårdsgatan. This manual measurement of pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be carried out annually the same week.



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