8.4 billion to the power grid
8.4 billion to the power grid

Svenska kraftnät wants to invest SEK 8.4 billion in strengthening the power grid in the coastal areas of Norrbotten and Västerbotten, primarily in connection with the switchgear in Norra Svartbyn outside Boden. The application for approval has now been submitted to the government.

A reinforced power grid with five new 400 kV lines and three new 400 kV stations in the coastal areas of Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Svenska kraftnät wants to build it to meet the estimated power needs from, among others, H2 Green Steel, Northvolt and other industrial investments, but also from the renewable electricity production that is expected to be greatly expanded. According to the forecast for the area, the desired connections for new outlets amount to 5,000 megawatts and input of 400 megawatts from renewable electricity production.

– These desired input and output increases create a great need for network reinforcements, says Peter Wigert, CFO, Svenska kraftnät.

By planning the investment as a pilot project, the lead times will be shortened from 12-15 years to half and shorter lead times are something that the industrial companies concerned have requested.

The main network station Svartbyn in Boden is of great importance for the establishment of H2GS and has been visited frequently in the past year. Photo: Fotographic.

Major efforts around Boden

The package of measures is named Norrlandskusten and includes a new system-strengthening 400 kV line from the Letsi hydropower plant in Voullerim to the main grid station in Svartbyn in Boden and a reinforcement or reinvestment between Svartbyn and Finnish Keminmaa. In addition, a new station for 400 kV is planned in Svartbyn, called Svartbyn 2, and a connection line for 400 kV from Svartbyn to Hertsön in Luleå.

Planned investments outside Boden are a system-strengthening 400 kV line between the Högnäs station in Skellefteå and the Stornorrfors hydro-power plant in Umeå, new 400 kV stations in Skellefteå (Högnäs 2) and Luleå (Hertsön), and a connection line between Högnäs and Högnäs 2.



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