This is how Gruvberget will be preserved and developed
This is how Gruvberget will be preserved and developed

The municipality of Boden is now presenting a proposal for a Conservation and Development Plan for the Gruvberget outdoor area. Association life and the general public are invited to a dialogue.

The conservation and development plan is aimed at the year 2030 and describes an overall picture of the Gruvberget of the future. The purpose of the Conservation and Development Plan is to continue to strengthen and develop the active outdoor life and to preserve natural values on Gruvberget.

– It is very gratifying to present a first proposal for the Conservation and Development Plan. The commitment from the associations and the general public has been great when we have collected thoughts and ideas about Gruvberget’s conservation and development. We look forward to the continued dialogue about the area’s future, says Johan Gröhn (C), mayor of the municipality of Boden.

Preserves and develops

Gruvberget is an important outdoor and recreational area close to urban areas. The area is frequently used by associations and is well visited by citizens. At Gruvberget there are high natural values such as old pine forest, over 150 old. On the northern slope there is a large water source where orchids such as norna and forest lady are found.

– We have worked out a proposal based on received thoughts and ideas that highlight the importance of preserving the old pine forest and the cold spring. We also point to development opportunities of, among other things, the ski slope, hiking trails and information and accessibility on and to Gruvberget, says Emma Lundqvist, community strategist.

The plan can be read in its entirety at Medborgarservice in City Hall, at Boden’s City Library and digitally via this link: / Conservation and development plan for Gruvberget

Invites to dialogue

The ambition in the development of the Conservation and Development Plan is to create a common goal for Gruvberget’s conservation and development in close dialogue with associations and residents of Boden. The proposal for a conservation and development plan for Gruvberget is to be regarded as just a proposal, based on what has been received in the association dialogues and the digital survey that took place in the autumn of 2021.

There are still great opportunities to influence the final plan and future developments. The public can have their say on the proposal, submit comments, thoughts and ideas in a digital map service.

Like: Join the dialogue about Gruvberget

The proposal for a Conservation and Development Plan will then be revised based on the comments received. The plan is finally approved by the municipal board.

For more information contact:

Alf Wennskog, Department of Culture, Leisure and Youth, e-mail:, telephone: 0921-623 18
Emma Lundqvist, Physical planning, e-mail:, telephone: 0921- 624 14



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