New plan proposal enables high-rise buildings in Sävast
New plan proposal enables high-rise buildings in Sävast

The public housing administration in Boden municipality has now submitted a new detailed plan for Sävast Torg for review. The plan proposal allows for multi-family houses on ten, five and two floors in the Potatisen district in Sävast.

A proposal for a detailed plan for Sävast Torg and the properties SÄVAST 9:44, 9:45 17: 4, 9: 108 and 10:42 is now out for review and nearby residents and other stakeholders can submit written comments a second time. The review runs from January 20 to February 13. During the autumn of 2021, the plan proposal was out for consultation, where it was also possible to submit comments.

During the detailed planning work, opportunities for taller buildings in the area have been investigated, on behalf of the municipal board. The detailed plan aims to enable new housing and meet Boden’s goal of growing to 31,000 inhabitants by 2030. The plan proposal also enables the grocery trade to be developed and at the same time creates opportunities for more activities at the square. The square is being developed to create more meeting places for nearby residents and visitors in Sävast.

Enables taller buildings

The land area referred to is BodenBo’s block with multi-family houses on Potatisvägen and part of Mandelvägen in Sävast. In the part of the area that is closer to Ica Nära Sävast, the plan proposal means enabling four point houses on five floors as well as business premises for business and meeting places. In the western part of the area, around Potatisvägen 4, properties with a height of 10 storeys are made possible. On the land where multi-family houses on two floors have previously been demolished, in the middle of the area, two-storey buildings are allowed. Forest areas and green areas behind Potatisvägen 4 and between the convenience store and Mandelvägen 17 are preserved.

Meeting place and trade

In the in-depth overview plan for Boden and Sävast, the municipality points out that:

  • Sävast square will be developed into a meeting place for all ages. In the event of densification, scale and location shall contribute to defining Sävast center as a local center. Sävast center should be seen as an important node in the area of meetings and interaction.
  • Trade in Sävast must be focused on groceries and things that people may need in their everyday lives. Sävast center can be developed with a wider range of services such as restaurants, gym and hairdresser.

The plan proposal is in line with these intentions.

Leave comments on the proposal

As the relevant property owner, holder of easement, authority, organization or other stakeholder, you have the opportunity to take part in the review documents and submit comments on the proposal. Comments must be received in writing no later than 13 February. Enter name and address. The comments are sent to: Boden Municipality Physical Planning 961 86 BODEN or via e-mail to . The planning documents can be viewed physically at Boden City Library and in City Hall, contact citizen service and they will show you correctly.


After review, the plan proposal is corrected one last time according to the comments received, before it goes up for a decision in the City Council later this spring. Design and start of construction can take place when the decision has gained legal force.



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