The municipality of Boden and Northern Sweden are facing a major change that will create more
MindDig – international competence investment
MindDig – international competence investment

The municipality of Boden and Northern Sweden are facing a major restructuring that will create several thousand jobs in the new factories, which in turn will create more jobs in the service sector. In order to manage the competence supply, the municipality of Boden has established itself on the competence supply platform MindDig. Boden was the first municipality to be invited to participate in the initiative, which is about matching an attractive life and job vacancies in the region with global skills.

About the project

The MindDig platform will be launched at the end of 2021. It is an international platform with a modern design that will attract expertise to northern Sweden. Linked to the platform are the largest employers in heavy industry in the North and on the platform, marketing and vacancies are interspersed with attractive content focused on the green transition that is taking place right now. The platform focuses on finding highly educated people in professions where we have a shortage nationally.

Stay close to work

Boden municipality’s role is to attract with ancillary services for relatives of those who want to start working in the green industry and market Boden as a place to live and live in to reduce the fly in / fly out culture. The goal is that the various municipalities and employers in the region should not have to compete with each other, but rather work together to attract competence to northern Sweden in an attractive way. This is completely in line with how Boden views collaboration and sustainability.

Site marketing strengthens the competence investment

Visitors will be able to create their own profile, search among types of services or among vacancies linked to a specific place. They can learn more about life in Boden – what leisure activities are available here, vacant housing, what it looks like with childcare and schools and more. The investment in MindDig is one of several initiatives that the municipality makes to be able to grow as a place, increase the population, strengthen competence and contribute to the companies that invest in Boden can grow in synergy with the municipality and the entire region.


Boden municipality with the support of MindDig


Stage 1 will be launched in December 2021


7 June 2022
In the sub-project skills supply first phase, a holistic approach is taken to the common labor market in Boden, Luleå[...]


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