Boden is a pilot municipality in a digital global talent portal
Boden is a pilot municipality in a digital global talent portal

With the digital platform MindDig, some of the largest industrial companies in the green revolution will attract new necessary cutting-edge expertise to the region. Boden and Umeå are involved from the start.

H2 Green Steel, LKAB, SSAB, Northvolt, Vattenfall, Boliden, Mobilaris, Skellefteå Kraft and Luleå University of Technology are some of the major players that are now jointly launching a global recruitment platform to attract cutting-edge expertise. It is done in English as many of the intended talents are outside Sweden’s borders. MindDig is a digital platform created to attract the world’s best talent to the region to realize a fossil-free future.

More than SEK 1,000 billion is invested in northern Sweden to meet the climate challenges. Within 5 years, companies will need to employ more than 25,000 people in many different professions. The success of this is crucial for Sweden and Europe to be able to achieve their climate goals.

In addition to the large companies, there are also two municipalities involved in the launch, Boden and Umeå. Boden thus gets the chance to profile and show off as all talents besides working must also live and work somewhere. Here, Boden will attract with its #närhetsliv and everything else that is now happening in Boden.

– When we got the question from Markus Gustafsson this spring, we thought it sounded exciting and of course wanted in. For us, it is about a transformation för the whole society where we are on our way into a new extremely exciting growth phase. The supply of skills is a key issue here as well and we see MindDig as a smart opportunity to meet parts of that need, says Claes Nordmark, mayor of Boden.

In close collaboration with the industrial companies, MindDig has been developed by Markus Gustafsson, an entrepreneur, who himself grew up in northern Sweden, together with Chana Svensson, a lawyer and entrepreneur in green tech from the USA.

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