16 new residential plots are planned in Unbyn
16 new residential plots are planned in Unbyn

Of course, Boden will also grow in the countryside. Therefore, 16 small house plots are now planned in idyllic Unbyn. A plan proposal for the neighborhood has now been submitted for review and nearby residents have their say.

As Boden grows, there is a need and demand for new housing both in the central parts of Boden and in the countryside. The municipality of Boden has therefore produced a proposal for a detailed plan for part of the property Unbyn 3:19, stage 3. Here, 16 new residential plots are planned in locations close to nature with at least 1000 square meters per plot and generous building rights.

In the municipality of Boden’s general plan 2025, Unbyn is pointed out as a core area based on its strategic geographical location and as a service location. The municipality of Boden’s ambition is to promote and enable people to move to the countryside and thereby try to achieve the municipality’s population vision and reach 33,000 inhabitants by 2030.

Illustration of current planning area.

Generous building rights

The plan proposal provides for the possibility of detached houses with a maximum building height of 4.2 meters, similar to the houses on the streets nearby. If you want to build a house here, you can build up to 300 square meters. The properties are connected to the municipal water and sewage and there are good opportunities to connect to the existing electricity network and fiber network.

Child-friendly and close to nature

From the residential area it is about 400 meters to the nearest municipal preschool and the school, with teaching from preschool class to grade six, is one and a half kilometers away. In Unbyn there is also a service point in the village’s clubhouse and an unmanned fuel station by road 616. There are snowmobile trails north and south of the area, which will not be affected by the new buildings. In the immediate area there is, among other things, a dirt bike track, playground, free areas for play and a small meadow area for ball sports.

The planned residential area is adjacent to Trollvägen, with villas built in the 1980s. The land today consists of about 70 years old densely populated pine forest with a lot of sly. The forest in the areas marked NATURE in the plan proposal (green in the drawing below) must be preserved.

The consultation process

During the period 6-27 April 2022, the planning documents are presented for review and nearby residents and other stakeholders will for the second time have the opportunity to submit comments on the plan proposal, before it goes up in the council for a decision in the summer of 2022. During the previous consultation phase, comments were received on the plan proposal, which led to an increase in the minimum plot size, an extension of the turning plan in the northern part of the block and a correction of the plan boundary in the south and west.



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