Detailed plan for Boden Industrial Park
Detailed plan for Boden Industrial Park

In October 2021, the municipality of Boden presented a proposal for a detailed plan for major establishments with industrial purposes at Boden Industrial Park.

The Svartbyn VU5 business area, also known as Boden Industrial Park, is a 550-hectare land area next to Norra Svartbyn, just southeast of Boden’s urban area. The site has good access to green electricity and proximity to existing infrastructure. It creates unique conditions for establishing space-intensive, electricity-intensive industries and businesses that contribute to the green transformation of existing heavy industry.

The purpose of the current detailed plan is to enable larger establishments with industrial purposes at Boden Industrial Park. This is where H2 Green Steel plans to build a fossil-free green steel production facility. A detailed plan tests the suitability of land and water use in an area and contains provisions on how the land may be used.

Several businesses

Although H2 Green Steel’s plans take up a large part of the area, there is other land in the current detailed plan. The land uses within the planning area enable for industry, offices, cultivation and restaurants. The plan also ensures the preservation of a larger nature area, including wetlands for the sensitive field frog that lives in the area.


The draft plan has been the subject of consultation and review, during which interested property owners, easement holders, authorities, organisations and other stakeholders have had the opportunity to comment on the proposal. The municipality has then responded to the comments received and the final proposal will be presented to the City Council on 17 October.


Responsible for the project is the physical planning unit at the public housing administration, Boden municipality. Further information can be provided by: Cecilia Kvibacke, development manager for Boden Industrial Park, Boden municipality, tel. 0921-627 06 or Lars Andersson, Planning and Development Manager, Boden Municipality, tel. 0921-621 43.

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