Web TV about the green revolution in Boden
Web TV about the green revolution in Boden

We are stepping up communication about the major industrial and social change that is currently taking place in Boden and our region. Watch the premiere of Bodenxt Talks.

To increase transparency in the processes related to projects, create dialogue and participation with the people of Boden and to inform about everything that happens, the municipality of Boden chooses to make several new communication initiatives.

Web TV

In the web TV broadcast Bodenxt Talks, we discuss current issues with invited guests and immerse ourselves in the green projects.

In the premiere section, we discuss the importance of the locals voices in the continued process and get a chance to know more about two major consultation processes that are currently underway. This is partly about the municipality of Boden’s proposal for a detailed plan for Boden Industrial Park, and partly about H2 Green Steel’s supplementary consultation regarding the relocation of their facility for the production of fossil-free green steel.

Guests in the program are Mats Berg, head of the local government and business development at Boden municipality, Cecilia Kvibacke, responsible for development and planning of Boden Industrial Park at Boden municipality, and Erik Bohman responsible for the establishment in Boden at H2 Green Steel. The conversation is led by Josefin Wiklund at Boden municipality.

The plan is to return with several broadcasts and discussions on current topics in the future. You can find the broadcasts on Bodenxt on Youtube.

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22 June 2022
Bodenxt Talks # 6 is about H2 Green Steel's establishment in Boden. What's going on right now, keeping to the[...]


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