The entrepreneurs before the meeting with H2GS: “Want to show everyone how good we are”
The entrepreneurs before the meeting with H2GS: “Want to show everyone how good we are”

On May 17, H2 Green Steel and Boden Business Park invite the business community to inform about the status of the establishment and the purchasing process.

Two entrepreneurs from Boden hope that it can open the door for a future collaboration.

In mid-June, the Land and Environment Court is expected to hold a main hearing where it will be decided whether H2 Green Steel will be granted a building judgment or not. If the court says yes, it means that the company can start preparing the land for the construction of the steelworks, even if the major main hearing on the environmental permit for the operation takes place in the autumn.

M Hansén bil och maskin AB and Team Kjellin mining och entreprenad AB are two Boden companies in the construction industry that own machines that could be used in earthworks.

Both are very interested in learning more about how H2 Greens Steel thinks about the construction and purchasing process and will attend the meeting at Boden Business Park on 17 May.

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– I am of course curious to hear what resources they will need. When does construction begin, in what form of contract? Quite simply, says Mattias Hansén, founder and owner of M Hansén bil och maskin AB.

– We feel that we are well adapted to handle the assignment if we were to get it, but it is always good to know the conditions. What volume is this about and how far have they come in terms of logistical solutions? For example, imagined tipping areas, says Mattias Kjellin, founder and active CEO of Team Kjellin mining och entreprenad AB.

Mattias Hansén and Mattias Kjellin, two local entrepreneurs who each started their own company with a machine.

Both companies have made a great journey since the mid-2000s until today. Where they started with a machine and today own large machines with over 100 employees.

But the majority of the jobs they do often take place in places other than Boden. Therefore, both describe it as a dream to be able to enter into a contract with H2 Green Steel.

– Of course, it would have been special to do a great job here in Boden. We are also a company that wants to lead the development in the construction industry and we feel that we do. Our goal is to carry out the jobs with as small a climate footprint as possible. Today we have the technology that makes it possible to present to the customer exactly how much environmental impact we make and we can do that in real time. For us, it would have been a chance to show everyone here at home how good we are and what we can actually do, says Mattias Kjellin.

Ready to expand

His industry colleague, on the other hand, does not believe that his machine park is currently adapted to carry out a turnkey contract in the volume that this construction will entail. But at the same time he hopes to be able to participate and contribute with the resources he has and sees opportunities for longer cooperation.

– I am ready to expand our business to satisfy the needs that H2GS will have in its production. It’s hyper-interesting for us. I have employees who I know want to work with these jobs and being able to do it a dog’s head away is optimal, says Mattias Hansén and develops his reasoning:

– This is a dream for someone like me. I have a son and daughter who attend the construction program and this is our future. Therefore, it feels very exciting to hear what H2GS thinks and get in touch with people from the company, says Mattias Hansén

The entrepreneurs describe the great challenges that existed when the companies were founded and the working hours that it entailed. Even though they are faced with new challenges on a daily basis, it is now of the more urgent kind. As if the premises are no longer suitable when the machine park has become too large, or that talks about tenders take up time for other necessary chores.

– The biggest challenge now is to find all the staff that will be needed when everything starts, another thing that has changed in the last year is extremely long delivery times of machines due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. At the same time, houses, schools, sewers and railways will be built. The jobs will be there, says Mattias Hansén.



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