Petön – new residential area in Sävast
Petön – new residential area in Sävast

The municipality of Boden sees a great need for new housing as a result of the establishment of H2 Green Steel. Sävast is a popular area that is interesting from many aspects. Therefore, plans are being made for a new residential area with many different types of housing on Sävastön’s western cape.

With H2 Green Steel’s planned green steelworks and its side effects, the need for housing in Boden is expected to increase sharply in the coming years. When the city grows, it is important for the municipality of Boden that community building takes place in a sustainable way, both socially and economically and ecologically. To succeed, you see in front of you an area with flexible and mixed housing with many different forms of housing where people with different life situations and conditions can live a good life.

Development of detailed plan

During the autumn of 2021, the Boden municipality’s unit for physical planning will work on producing a proposal for a detailed plan for a new residential area in Sävast. It is the area located on Sävastön’s western cape, beyond Maran, which has been pointed out as interesting for residential development. The working name for the area is Petön, which is connected to the place’s history. The detailed plan examines the suitability of the land for development and sheds light on the issue from many different angles and looks at different consequences. They are also looking at solutions for traffic to the area to affect nearby neighborhoods as little as possible.


The hope is to have a proposal for a detailed plan ready by the turn of the year 2021-2022. It then involves consultation and dialogue where interested parties are given a chance to express themselves. Thereafter, the plan proposal is corrected based on the comments received. The next step will be a review, where comments will be taken in again and the detailed plan will be further adjusted before it can be adopted by the City Council later in 2022.

Before land sales and buildings in the area are possible, the municipality of Boden must also prepare the area’s infrastructure, such as roads, water and sewerage and district heating. It may therefore take until 2023 before the land is ready for development.

Vision for small-scale housing close to the garden

In collaboration with the architectural firm Sandell Sandberg, with the star architect Thomas Sandell at the helm, an initial vision has been developed with two proposals for the physical design of the area. The concept includes a mix of small-scale housing with significant elements of gardening and cultivation. The architects have, among other things, taken inspiration from Gamla Enskede’s leafy terraced houses.

The idea is that it will be possible for terraced houses, semi-detached houses, apartments and residential plots of varying sizes. According to the vision, all homes must have their own garden area and cultivation plots will be added for the smaller plots. In addition, there are ideas for shared greenhouses, sauna, hot tub, snowmobile garage, parks, promenades and a square in the center of the building. It gets close to the best in life, what we in Boden usually call Närhetsliv.

The vision is at the idea stage and it is far from clear that this is what it will look like, but the municipality continues to work based on the idea of mixed housing in the area.

Responsible: physical planning unit, community building administration, Boden municipality

Contact : Lars Andersson, Planning and Development Manager, Boden Municipality, tel: 0921-621 43

Schedule: Proposal for a detailed plan around the turn of the year 2021-2022, plot release and buildings around 2023

Location: Petön, Sävastön’s western cape

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