Detailed plan for the Svartbyn infrastructure area
Detailed plan for the Svartbyn infrastructure area
Illustration of the infrastructure corridor from the air.

The main purpose of the plan is to allow for a new infrastructure corridor from the South Svartbyn junction to the planned business area in Svartbyn (Boden Industrial Park). The plan will also ensure public access to the Gruvberget recreation area.

The plan area is located within the designated land reserve for infrastructure in Boden Municipality’s 2025 Master Plan. The plan proposal is consistent with the intentions of the master plan.

The development plan is handled with an extended procedure according to PBL (2010:900). The procedure has been chosen in view of the fact that the draft plan may be of significant interest to the public and is likely to have a significant environmental impact. An environmental impact assessment has been prepared and is on display with the draft plan.

The plan area extends from the South Svartbyn junction to the Svartbyn (Boden Industrial Park) business area, VU5. The Gruvberget recreational and open-air area is located to the south-west of the plan area and existing residential areas are located to the north of the proposed road. A well-developed power line network runs south of and parallel to the plan area. The plan area is partially covered by landscape protection for the Lion Queen.

The documents have been on display for consultation from 28 February to 31 March 2022.

A consultation meeting for the detailed plan was held on Thursday 24 March.

During July and August, the detailed plan has been out for consultation.
On 17 October, the detailed plan will be presented to the city council, which will decide whether or not to adopt it.


Cecilia Kvibacke, Development and Planning Manager Boden Industrial Park, tel: 0921-627 06

Lars Andersson, Head of Planning and Development, tel: 0921-621 43



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