New detailed plan for Boden Business Park

The municipality of Boden has

Petön – new residential area in Sävast

The municipality of Boden sees

Detailed plan for a new residential area in Unbyn

A proposal for a detailed

Detailed plan for the Svartbyn infrastructure area

The main purpose of the

New plan proposal enables high-rise buildings in Sävast

The public housing administration in

MindDig – international competence investment

The municipality of Boden and Northern Sweden are facing a major change that will create more

Detailed plan for Boden Industrial Park

In October 2021, the municipality

Greenhouses that run on waste heat

Boden Business Park, Boden Business

Cultural Plan 2022-2026

What conditions does the culture

Growth zone endless – smart green skills development

Construction of a greenhouse that utilizes waste heat from a server hall has several advantages in terms of the use of resources.