H2 Green Steel

With its investment in the world’s largest production facility for green steel, H2 Green Steel is the accelerator in the historically large industrial and social transformation Boden and the region are experiencing right now. It happens here and now.



European steel production emits more carbon dioxide than all flights taking off from Europe. In order to meet the climate goals, the steel industry must be restructured. That is why H2 Green Steel is now building the world’s largest production facility for green steel in Boden. The goal is to be up and running in production by 2024. In 2030, the plant will generate 5 million tonnes of high-quality, green, Swedish steel. This is more than Sweden’s total steel production today and corresponds to a net export value of approximately SEK 30 billion.

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Vy över Boden Industrial Park



H2 Green Steel invests in hydrogen technology, digitization and a fully integrated production line to take almost fossil-free steel production from research to reality. In traditional blast furnace production, coke and coal are added to eliminate oxygen from the iron ore. This is the primary reason for the large emissions that are today associated with steel production. In the plant in Boden, the blast furnace technology is being replaced by direct reduction – a proven technology where natural gas has been used for over 50 years. The difference is that H2 Green Steel replaces natural gas with hydrogen, which results in the primary emissions consisting of water and a reduction in CO2 emissions by approximately 95%


What's going on in Boden?

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The process is more electricity-intensive than traditional steel production, so the proximity to green electricity is a key and success factor. In addition, scrap will be reused in the process. The waste heat from the plant  can, for example, become  district heating for households and other industries. Slag from production   may including  be used as a binder in concrete. In this way, a circular economy is created around steel production that reduces emissions,  efficient use of resources  and creates new jobs in the region. H2 Green Steel acts as an accelerator for the industrial transition in Boden  and the rest of the world  and is in many ways the epitome of what we call “the smart green”. Read more about H2 Green Steel on their website.


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