Full house when local business met H2GS
Full house when local business met H2GS

More than 150 people from the local business community gathered in Ljusgården at Boden Business Park to hear what the purchasing process will look like. In the mingling afterwards, there was one word that recurred – cooperation.

The representatives from H2 Green Steel who met the local business community at Boden Business Park.

Those who were there got to take part in a presentation where the large project involving H2 Green Steel’s establishment in Boden, had been cut off into a number of sub-projects. Everything from soil preparation to construction and infrastructure connected to the operation.

In order for the audience to understand the scale of the work to be carried out, the piling of the ground was taken up as an example. The work that may need to be done in northern Svartbyn could correspond to the total amount of material used for piling throughout Sweden in 2021.

It is also for this reason that H2 Green Steel will primarily use turnkey contracts in the procurement. They want experts with experience of carrying out major work to also be the ones leading the construction in the area in Boden.

– The scale of this project is not like anything we have seen before. Even though we talked about different parts today, each part is still a gigantic project. It is perhaps when we show how big the sub-projects are that it is possible to take in how big everything is in its entirety, says Anne Graf, head of infrastructure services at H2 Green Steel in Boden.

Right now, the company is looking for competent performers in a global market. The company that is given responsibility for the sub-project will in turn be commissioned to take an inventory of the local market for labor and subcontractors.

– What we will say and sign contracts for is that our subcontractors will try to shop locally, both for sustainability reasons, but also because we want to be a good social actor in Boden and the region, says Anne Graf.

The entrepreneurs on site were therefore asked to sign up for a list which will then be passed on to the subcontractors.

One of these local entrepreneurs was Martin Brännvall, owner of MJ Concern Norr AB, which has companies in the land and construction industry and also electricity supply. For him, the meeting with H2 Green Steel created new insights.

– When you have experience of building and see what needs to be done, I also understand the magnitude of this. It’s huge. How many bucket strokes need to be taken and the number of electric sockets to get here. That makes it very interesting. I also think it’s incredibly generous of H2GS to encourage the subcontractor to use the local business community. It is grateful that they want to give us the opportunity, now it is up to us if we want to take it, he says.

Martin Brännvall, owner of MJ Concern Norr AB

Another revelation that came in connection with the meeting was that the companies that normally compete for jobs need to start cooperating to a greater extent and see themselves more as colleagues during the production of the steelworks and hydrogen plant.

– I have been in team sports and for me it feels very exciting to be able to think like that and try to find ways to cooperate to reach the goal, because none of us will be able to do this ourselves.

Anne Graf also believes that it is a good attitude to have as the collaboration will probably increase the opportunities for work.

– Back to this with the scale. We should not fight over what is already on the dining table, but it is better to be helped to get more to the dining table. There will be so many jobs that there will be enough for everyone.

Is there anything entrepreneurs can do to increase the opportunity to participate?

– Actually two things. One, raise your hand and show that you exist and want to make green steel in Boden. Sign up via our form or contact Boden’s business department. Two, look at the sustainability of the company. It is super important to us. Both environmentally, but also socially.

On Thursday 19 May, there is a new opportunity to meet representatives from H2 Green Steel during the network meeting at Boden Travet.
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