Another new preschool is now being built in Boden

Now it’s done – the ceremonial first step for the construction of the new preschool in Trångfors.
Part of a long-term investment in Boden municipality that plans to build more new preschools.

The Public Works Office’s forecast shows that the population in Boden’s municipality will increase to 31,000 inhabitants in 2025 and by a further 2,000 people by 2030.

To meet that challenge, the education administration has previously decided to invest SEK 250 million to build four new preschools, which is the largest targeted investment in qualitative development for children and young people in Boden municipality.

Johan Lund, chairman of education committee, Claes Nordmark, mayor of the municipality of Boden and Sebastian Schenström, project manager TG11 contract, take the first step before the construction of the new preschool in Trångfors.

On May 6, the first sod was laid for Trångfors’ new preschool, which is one of these projects.

– It feels absolutely wonderful. I have been involved in the whole journey, from the time we started planning these preschools and now we are here, says Johan Lund, chairman of the labor market and education committee.

The preschool is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023. It will house six portals (departments). The area of the property will be 1,580 square meters, spread over two floors and the courtyard approximately 4,500 square meters.

The children and staff will mostly come from Hamptjärnmoran, Heden and Trångfors. The current five portals in the area will be moved to the new preschool, where the areas will be better adapted to the functional program for the preschools in Boden municipality. The starting point for the functional program is Boden municipality’s governing document, the Swedish National Agency for Education’s view of future development, a healthy and safe work environment and the municipality’s vision. The goal is for the children to develop their learning through play with the development of subject specialization.

– The work environment for the educators will be much better. Collegial learning will increase as there are more educators working together. The opportunity to develop and challenge oneself in areas that children are interested in will also be greater. I only see opportunities, both for the staff’s learning, but also based on the children’s learning and the opportunity for influence, says principal Pernilla Stoltz.

Illustration of what the preschool in Trångfors might look like.

The building will consist of two floors. On the lower floor, the younger age groups will be housed. The premises are adapted to their needs and level. On the upper floor, the same adjustment is made for the older age group.

The age-appropriate thinking is also included for the large courtyard.

– It will be fantastic. We will also keep parts of the forest here and the children will be able to shape it themselves. We do not want finished paths and playgrounds there, but the children should be able to build and shape over the years, says Pernilla Stoltz.

Pernilla Stoltz, principal of the new preschool in Trångfors.

The preschool in Trångfors is the third to be built in the municipality since the decision on the investment. Björkdungen was completed in 2019 and Lunda preschool was completed in 2021.

The next project is a new preschool with eight portals in the Sanden area in central Boden, but it is still unclear when it can be completed as the process is at the planning stage.

– Now we have built preschools outside Boden and now we have to build closer to the center as well. That’s very important. There we must be honest and say that we are a little behind. We have a plot now where we are looking at a preschool with eight portals and when it is finished we will need to look at another one, says Johan Lund.

Recently, the City Council also made the decision to demolish Kyrkkläppen’s preschool in the center and build a new one that will be ready in 2024. The current preschool was planned to be rebuilt and have a capacity for four portals. But the analysis of the demolition showed that the most cost-effective was to demolish the existing preschool and build a larger one, with room for six portals. Which was also done with the children’s opportunity for learning and development in mind.

– I think it is very important for all those who are to become new Bodensers that we are a municipality that shows that the whole of Boden gets a development and there the preschools are a very important part. Therefore, I am very happy that we dare to invest and borrow from the present to invest for the future, says Johan Lund.

Preschools under municipal auspices
Below you see a list of what will happen in the next few years. Changes until 2025. Every year, the objects are determined to ensure that the development follows the population forecast.

Preschools under municipal auspices

Below you see a list of what will happen in the next few years. Changes until 2025. Every year, the objects are determined to ensure that the development follows the population forecast.

  • Björkdungen’s preschool, six portals
  • Kyrkkläppen’s preschool, six portals, completed in 2024, existing preschool with four portals is demolished and a larger preschool is built.
  • Rörviken preschool, four portals
  • Strandens preschool, four portals
  • New preschool in the Sanden area, eight portals, under planning for future planning
  • The crystal ball, seven portals
  • Perbacken’s preschool, two portals (An earlier version stated that the preschool should be closed down, but that is incorrect)
  • Fagernäs preschool, five portals
  • New construction in Trångfors with six portals, is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023. Trångfors, Hamptjärnmoran and Heden preschool will be closed in the autumn of 2023
  • Tallbacken’s preschool, four portals
  • Lunda preschool, eight portals
  • Örtavallen’s preschool, four portals, under planning for future renovation
  • Mumindalen preschool (Unbyn), two portals
  • Bredåker preschool (Södra Bredåker), three portals
  • Gunnarsbyn’s preschool (Gunnarsbyn), a portal

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